We assist athletes and clubs in a wide range of legal issues related to the sports and entertainment industry and provide trustworthy support at various times during a clubs’ activity, or athletes’ careers. Our team of lawyers is passionate about this area of law and ensure high quality legal advice backed by many years of experience.

Recently, most often discussed are the newly regulated “contracts for sports activities” [via OMTS631/890/2017]. These sometimes include provisions dealing with discipline rules and athletes conduit, transfer of contracts, image rights, etc. that both athletes and clubs need help navigating. We also provide legal advice concerning matters relevant to club owners of state owned clubs such as financing the sporting activity or assistance in the proceedings for issuing the professional athlete certificate. We also deal with related areas to sports such as intellectual property, marketing and publicity contracts, sponsorship deals and we also assist and represent our clients during negotiations if we are requested.

We also advice our clients related to the specific provisions of national or international sporting federations’ governing bylaws and assist clubs in drawing up internal regulation procedures and regulations.

Our practice extends to handling the process of obtaining all necessary permits and authorizations for organizing sporting activities, having been requested to do so by various NGOs.

In the unfortunate cases where clubs and athletes fails to reach an amiable solution, we provide legal assistance and representation services in dispute resolution procedures, such as litigation, pre-litigation stages, before either national or international sporting boards, courts or arbitration tribunals.